ExpressChef is an exclusive delivery service founded in 2009 by two professional cooks. Wanting to offer an alternative concerning local and international cuisine, ExpressChef created an „à la carte” menu from the get-go.

„An international menu affordable to anyone, right in their homes”, influenced by the two friends’ travels and culinary experience, turned ExpressChef into a delivery service different from others through: trained personnel, quality products brought in from different countries, respect for clients and, most importantly, respect for estimated delivery times. With a kitchen based on ingredients brought in from Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Norway or Greece, the ExpressChef team remains faithful to experimenting new tastes, recipes and reinventing classic Romanian dishes.

When the pizza dough is made from Italian flour, when Belgian chocolate is found in the most delicious desserts, seasonings and Feta cheese make their way from Greece and the salmon used in salads and sushi comes from Norway, ExpressChef confirms once again the promise made to their clients: reinventing taste and maintaining a high standard „à la carte” menu.

Beginning with only 4 employees, ExpressChef has now reached a team of 50 people always ready to cook, deliver, and prepare for private events or corporate affairs. Hundreds of cold and hot dishes, thin crust, puffy or calzone pizza, delicate amuse-bouches or sushi, all of these make ExpressChef the only exclusive delivery service that will always promote a fresh and diverse „à la carte” menu, wherever you are.

ExpressChef. Experience great taste, wherever you are.